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Castleton Tower

Starting at $299 | 5.9+ Difficulty Rating | Private Tour

Quick Details

Number of People Ages 7+
Groups of 4+ Please call to make reservations
If you have children that are under the age of 12, please give us a call after you book to confirm.

Behold the Castleton Desert Tower in Moab!

Castleton should be at the top of any Moab rock climber’s list.  When the words Desert Tower are spoken, its stately image might be what comes to mind. Situated in its commanding position high over Castle Valley, this spire beacons the climber to its lofty summit. We offer two paths to this most sought after prize, the Kor-Ingalls (5.9+) route, one of the 50 Classic Climbs, and the North Chimney (5.9+). Both routes are a physical test of a wide array of techniques, and it is highly recommended to take our intermediate rock course prior to attempting these challenges. The reward, however, is one that must be experienced by any climber that visits the Moab area.

*We do not generally recommend this for first-timers. Please call to discuss if it would be appropriate.

  • Close-toed, comfortable shoes
  • At least 1L of water per person
  • Backpacks welcome
  • Bring a camera at your own risk
  • All gear necessary will be provided by Moab Canyon Tours (including ropes, harness, helmet, etc)