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Canyoneering Tours in Moab, Utah

Canyoneering is the ultimate well-rounded adventure! It utilizes different techniques such as hiking, rappelling, scrambling, down-climbing, bouldering, and sometimes swimming to travel a safe route through a canyon. Moab Canyon Tours offers canyoneering tours in Moab, Utah, with various packages designed to suit different experience levels and fitness levels.

1/2 Day Canyoneering

Perfect for anyone new to canyon exploration and a sense of adventure.

3/4 Day Canyoneering

A little bigger, more adventurous, more remote, and technical.

Full / Multi-Day Canyoneering

Remote locations, advancing technical skills, and growing comfort zones.

Helicopter Canyoneering

Ultimate canyoneering experience flying to and. from the canyons.

1/2 Day Canyoneering

Basic Fitness Level – Beginner Skill Level

3/4 Day Canyoneering

Higher Fitness Level – All Skill Level

Full or Multi-Day Canyoneering

Strong Fitness Level – Advanced Skill Level