Half- Day Canyoneering

Our half day canyoneering trips are perfect for anyone new to canyon exploration. Our guides will instruct in the basic skills of canyoneering from movement techniques such as bridging and chimneying to the technical skills of rappelling. No experience needed, just a basic level of fitness and a sense of adventure! We specialize in small group and family oriented tours to give our clients the attention to not only have an amazing experience but to come away feeling confident and accomplished.

3/4 Day Canyoneering

3/4 day canyoneering trips, though still appropriate for anyone with little to no experience, are a little bit bigger, more adventurous than our half day tours and require a higher level of fitness. We'll explore some of the more remote and wild canyons in the Moab area, utilzing the basic skills of canyoneering but increasing the level of practice to instill a deeper level of confidence in your ability to negotiate technical canyons. 

Our Full and Multi-day trips are full on adventures into some of the epicenters of canyoneering such as the San Rafael Swell, Robber's Roost, North Wash and Cedar Mesa- exploring canyons where solitude is near certain and amazement is guaranteed. With the next level of adventure comes the next level of canyoneering skills such as anchor building, pothole escapes and advanced ropework. These are trips best suited for those with a strong level of fitness and a willingness to expand their comfort zones to have the experience of a lifetime.

Our heli-canyoneering trips are the ultimate canyoneering experiences. By flying to and from the canyon, not only does it significantly reduce the 2.5 hour driving time by car each way, but you also get to experience the awe-inspiring desert landscape from the air. Going from the birds'eye view provided by the helicopter to the up-close intimacy of being inside an enormous yet tight, seldom-seen, incredible slot canyon is one of the most amazing experiences of a lifetime.


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