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At Moab Canyon Tours, our mission is to share the passion we have for exploring the canyon country of southeastern Utah. Our team has spent countless years playing hard in the desert, seeking the next summit and descending into innumerable canyons. We are driven with a need to explore every corner of this incredible landscape. As a small company that offers exclusively private trips, we have the ability to fit any itinerary to your needs and a desire to step outside-the-box to see that your visit to Moab is an experience that you will never forget.

Introducing Heli-Canyoneering

Moab Canyon Tours is proud to be the only company to offer a Heli-Canyoneering option, made possible through our unique partnership with Pinnacle Helicopters. Imagine soaring over the beautiful landscape in a fraction of the time it takes to drive, and touching down in a remote canyon where you will be met by our experienced, seasoned guides to canyoneer an incredible route.  Once the exploration is complete, Pinnacle's professional pilots will arrive to whisk you back to town again.  An unforgettable, amazing experience, and particularly welcomed by those with limited available time!​

Canyons are our passion.

There's  nothing like entering an unknown abyss , descending into a deep chasm knowing that the only way out is through. Canyoneering is about using athleticism and ingenuity to overcome improbable passages. Our goal is to not only get our clients through the canyon safely, but to  share the skills we've learned through years spent honing our craft.  

Re-inventing Adventure

As spring becomes summer, a buzz is in the air with the change of seasons, and stirs the interest in a trip to the desert to shake off the chill of winter and soak up some much needed sunshine. The warmer temps make canyons such as Zero Gravity and Rock of Ages ideal choices, or if hoping for bigger more adventurous offerings, North Wash and Robber's Roost are in perfect condition.  Looking for something truly epic?  Check-out our Heli-Canyoneering options.

Spring and summer are wonderful times to get on the rock in Moab. Climbers and explorers from all over flock to the desert eager to escape colder climates and pull down on some warm sandstone. Join us in celebrating the new 2020 season with a session of canyoneering, incredible helicopter experiences to remote canyons,  or climbs to the summit of a tower such Ancient Art or Castleton.   

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