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Indian Creek

Private Tour | $349 Per Person

Quick Details

Single Climber
Please note: This tour is for ages 7 and up. If you have children that are under the age of 12, please give us a call after you book to confirm.

Climb All Day at the Famous Indian Creek in Moab!

Join us on a full-day tour in the famous Indian Creek. This geologic wonder draws climbers from across the globe to test their crack climbing skills and enjoy the beauty of Bears Ears National Monument. These formations of gorgeous wingate sandstone are the best venue out there to hone your technique. Because of this unique style, we recommend our guests to join us with some crack climbing skills to be the most successful.

Our experienced guides believe these techniques are best learned in a small group at one-to-one to a one-to-three ratio. A day or two before the tour, your guide will contact you to discuss your climbing goals and desires. With that information we will choose the best area to meet those goals and ensure a great experience. Indian creek is an absolute must for the traveling climbing enthusiast. Expect to leave the day having learned more about this incredible landscape and excited for more time in the desert.

  • Close-toed, comfortable shoes (keens are okay)
  • At least 1L of water per person
  • Backpacks welcome
  • Bring a camera at your own risk
  • All gear necessary will be provided by Moab Canyon Tours (including ropes, harness, helmet, etc)