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Top 5 Essential Canyoneering Safety Tips

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Canyoneering is a fun and exhilarating sport that thousands of people from around the world participate in each year. It involves rappelling, climbing, hiking, and swimming through magnificent canyons, towering walls, and rushing rock pools. If you crave adventure, then this is definitely the sport for you!

But canyoneering isn’t easy. It’s a risky sport, and that’s why you should do it with a trusty and knowledgeable guide at your side. Here are the top five essential canyoneering safety tips to ensure your canyoneering adventure is safe and enjoyable.

Dress for Success

Canyoneering involves venturing through all sorts of rough terrain. Don’t wear your nicest clothes, as whatever you wear is bound to get dirty!

Comfort and flexibility are paramount. The ideal canyoneering ensemble includes:

  • Long-sleeved shirt

  • Long pants

  • Weatherproof jacket

  • Canyoneering shoes

  • Gloves

  • Sun hat

  • Neoprene socks

  • Wet suit

Bring Snacks and a Water Bottle

Canyoneering involves lots of physical activity. You don’t want to run out of energy mid-trip, so remember to bring along nutritious snacks and bottles of water to stay energized and hydrated.

High-calorie, low-sodium snacks like protein bars are ideal, but other nonperishable snacks will also do the trick.

Come Prepared

The last thing you want is to get lost, so come prepared with detailed information about the canyon you and your group are traversing.

Canyons change over time and can look different from season to season, so ensure any maps or guides you’re using are up to date. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast, either. Torrential rains and other bad weather can cut your adventure short or ramp up its difficulty.

Pay Attention

Another top canyoneering safety tip is to watch your step. Canyons have countless steep drops, sharp protrusions, and other hazards. If you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings at all times, you can get into serious trouble.

Teamwork Is Dreamwork

Canyoneering is a team activity. Fantastic teamwork translates into a memorable, smooth, and safe journey, so ensure you’re communicating and working effectively with your group of fellow canyoneers.

Ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime? Don’t forget to enlist the help of a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide!

Moab Canyon Tours offers canyoneering tours in Moab, Utah. We have a variety of packages suited to varied skill and fitness levels, so there’s something for everybody. Contact us today to learn more about our canyoneering tour packages or to book a tour.

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