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Intro to Rock Climbing: Half-Day

Private Tour | As Low As $139 Per Person

Quick Details

1 Climber
2 Climbers
3 or More Climbers
This tour is for ages 7 and up. If you have children that are under the age of 12, please give us a call after you book to confirm.

Experience One of our Moab Climbing Tours!

We offer professional, friendly, comprehensible instruction to introduce our clients safely to the world of rock climbing in Moab, Utah. The introductory course covers the fundamentals of climbing, from ropework, knot-craft, belaying, lowering, and rappelling. We’ll lay the groundwork to develop the physical skills and movement techniques that make it possible to ascend sheer cliff faces.

  • Close-toed, comfortable shoes (keens are okay)
  • At least 1L of water per person
  • Backpacks welcome
  • Bring a camera at your own risk
  • All gear necessary will be provided by Moab Canyon Tours (including ropes, harness, helmet, etc)