Rock Climbing

Introduction to Rock Climbing 

guided rock climbing | Moab, Utah
Desert Climbing
Guided climbing moab
guided rock climbing | Moab, Utah

We offer professional, friendly, comprehensible instruction to introduce our clients safely to the world of rock climbing.

The introductory course covers the fundamentals of climbing, from rope work, knot craft, belaying, lowering, and rappelling.

We'll lay the groundwork to develop the  physical skills and movement techniques that make it possible to ascend sheer cliff faces.

Half-day course: (4-5 hours)

                               $150/ 1 person

                               $89/ 2 people

                               $79/ 3+ people

Full-day course: (7-8 hours)

                               $200/ 1 person

                               $160/ 2 people

                               $120/ 3+ people

Advanced Instruction

Guided Rock Climbing
Guided rock climbing | Moab, Utah
Guided rock climbing | Moab, Utah
Advanced climbing instruction

Our advanced rock climbing instruction is intended for anyone with a basic level of experience, looking to learn the skills to move on to the next level. 

In this one-on-one course, our instructors will assess your abilities and goals to create a personalized program to get you there.


Whether you'd like to advance your movement technique, polish your rope work and anchor building skills or learn the art of aid climbing, we have the experience to meet your needs.

Courses are offered as exclusive to you or your group to ensure that the highest level of attention is given to your instruction.

$220/ 1 person

$180/ 2 people

$140/ 3+ people

Desert Towers

and Summits

Desert Towers
Desert Towers | Moab Canyon Tours
rock climbing moab
Moab Guide
Desert Towers | guided rock climbing
Desert Towers | guided rock climbing
Desert Towers | guided rock climbing

The desert towers so unique to the Colorado Plateau embody the true spirit of rock climbing: the quest to stand on top of something precarious and inaccessible except through the use of ingenuity and skill.

We have a summit for everyone, from Looking Glass Rock-a peak attainable by beginners to the improbable and twisted mudstone spire, Ancient Art, with its bizarre corkscrew summit. And of course the proud and peerless Castleton Tower.

Check out our Towers and Summits page to see what we offer.

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