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Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a classic Swell canyon interchanging between tight narrows and open canyon. "Zero G" has good amount of water locked within deep slots and potholes. Canyon parkour, rappels, a keeper pothole and even an optional 4 meter drop into a deep pool of clear water make this one of the more interesting, easily approachable canyons in the Swell. With a shorter drive time from Moab, Zero G is easily completed within a full day.

Price: $189

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Zero Gravity
Zero G
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The Irish Canyons

The Irish Canyons are the center of canyoneering in North Wash. With short approaches, a wide range of difficulty levels and unsurpassed beauty, it's understandable why these are the most popular canyons in the area and many canyoneer's introduction to the area. Composed of three separate canyon systems: Leprechaun, Blarney, and Shillelagh, the Irish Canyons offer something for everyone whether beginner or experienced. With a short approach, the Irish Canyons also make it possible to do multiple objectives in a day. 

Upon booking we will contact you to custom fit your ideal experience in these incredible canyons 


$269/ person (two person minimum)  

The Hog Canyons

The Hog Canyons, though every bit as beautiful, are a noticeable step above in commitment compared to the Irish Canyons. Four forks offer various levels of difficulty from moderate to difficult. Bolted anchors are few and far between in The Hog Canyons. Instead a more traditional ethic of utilizing creative natural anchors such as deadman anchors, sand traps and other advanced techniques have been embraced here. The Hog Canyons are great for those with experience in basic canyoneering looking to learn the skills behind "Ghosting": descending a canyon without a trace.  

$299/ person

Hog Canyon Guided Canyoneering
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Canyoneering guides | Moab, Utah

Blue John Canyon

 Blue John Canyon was made famous when in 2003 Aron Ralston, while on a solo descent, dislodged a boulder, pinning his arm to the canyon wall and leaving him trapped for five days before finally amputating his arm and making the now legendary escape. Recently Blue John Canyon has become one of the most popular canyoneering routes in the Roost as a result of its history but also due to the high quality of the experience and its approach-ability. The several different forks of the canyon offer an array of options, all offering amazing scenery and challenges that are suitable for beginner canyoneers.


                2-7 people                 

Price: $299 /person


After a drive across the vast, open desert of the Roost an abrupt end-of-the-road looms Alcatraz Canyon. A more dramatic canyon entry would be hard to imagine, a 50 m ( 165 ft) vehicle-hitch rappel over the rim. With such a dramatic start, it is hard to imagine the canyon getting any better or more adventurous. Aside from the go-big-or-go-home entrance rappel, the rest of the canyon is one of the longest continuous stretches of slot in the Roost, with nearly half of a mile of deep, tight narrows. This subterranean realm can only be experienced with a full gamut of canyoneering tricks and techniques.

2-7 people

Price: $349 /person

Guided canyoneering | Robber's Roost
Guided canyoneering | Robber's Roost
Guided canyoneering | Robber's Roost
Guided canyoneering | Robber's Roost
Guided canyoneering | Robber's Roost

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