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This is a unique, all-in-one tour that provides an array of adventurous roped activities, combining elements of both rock climbing and canyoneering. We'll start off with a short hike past some prehistoric rock art and do a few moderate scrambles to reach the elegant span of Cable Arch. A short belayed climb up the "cable route", a perfect introduction to rock climbing, takes us to the top of the arch. From this lofty perch, one is afforded amazing views of Amasa Back, the Colorado River Corridor as well the 12,700 ft La Sal Mountains framed by the dramatic fins of the Behind the Rocks area. Next, we'll do an exciting 80ft free-hanging rappel from through Cable Arch, one of the best rappels in the Moab area. The adventure concludes with a descent into a deep slot, adding the element of canyoneering to the experience. 


Price: $149

Adventure Hiking


Do you enjoy hiking and want to experience the beauty of Moab’s desert landscape on foot?  This adventure hiking option may be just the activity for you!  It is approximately a 5-mile guided-hike through a fertile canyon with a year-round spring-fed running stream, beautiful waterfalls, deep-water swimming pool, and natural waterslides.  You’ll have a chance to scramble over and under boulders, through some narrows, and a few downclimbs or short rappel. This canyon is a family-friendly jaunt in a somewhat remote location not far from town.  Perfect for anyone wishing to hike in the great outdoors, and great for those who may wish to get wet on a hot summer’s day.


Price: $129

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Looking Glass


South of town in the vast sage flats of the high desert sits a massive dome of sandstone with one of the most attainable summits around. The Regular Route, a.k.a. the Cowboy Route, so named after the legend that the first ascent was bagged by local cowboys, is a three pitch route that can be done by the whole family - cowboy boots not recommended! The summit affords amazing views of the La Sal mountains, Canyon Rims Recreation Area, and beyond towards Canyonlands National Park. The icing on the cake however is the descent: a free-hanging 110 ft rappel through an arch into a massive amphitheater. An optional rope swing through the amphitheatre is an exhilarating way to finish the tour!


Price: $189

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